This search engine allows you search privately. Charu means “Can not Have Access to Respective Data of (You).” Charu search engine is created by Aavesh Jilani. You can access it www.charunow.com via this link. Since Google’s search engine is huge and there are many search engines on the internet, it does not ensure users and does not provide users with a personal and secure search experience. Charu allows you to find anything safely at any time. And there is a special feature in the Charu search engine that Google, Yahoo and all other search engines don’t have. You can download music by clicking on the results in the Music section. It saves you time. The results are shows web link, image, and music download link in three types. And it’s very fast on search results.

In these few years the user’s security has decreased over the internet. Due to which all the data is leaked. Even Google too keeps a watch on the user. And monitors all his actions. Any user can go to myactivity.google.com using this link and see how Google is monitoring it. Keeping all these elements in mind, it shows that the user misuses the use of the privacy. Not only this, the other search engines available on the Internet also claim that they do not violate the user’s privacy in any way, but nowhere else they use the services of others that use the privacy of the leak somewhere Does. On the Charu search engine, users can search for 3, 2 9,000 keywords and this number is increasing every day. Currently, between 2 and 4 thousand keywords are being searched on every day. It is being used in India and many other countries. There is also a forum of Charu Search Engine which you can access from this link forum.charunow.com will help using this to ask your question and make any suggestions.

It is being updated every day depending on the user’s needs. The Android application of the search engine is available on the Google Playstore and Amazon app store. It’s going to be copyright soon.

Features of:

  • It is completely secure.
  • It does not use any of the other third party features.
  • It does not monitor user.
  • Just clicking on the link starts downloading the song.

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