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Computing Vision April - June  : 2019

Computing Vision April - June : 2019

The College of Computing Sciences and Information Technology has released its Student Magazi
M.Tech- Get Together

M.Tech- Get Together

“Get Together” was organized on 25th May 2019 by M.Tech. students in CCSIT. Principal Prof
Project Exhibition

Project Exhibition

On 10th May 2019 College of Computing Sciences and Information Technology organise a project


Farewell is the time to bid adieu to outgoing batch of students, with a touching graduation


A farewell party was organized by the students of BSc (hons) Computer science of Batch (2018


The annual cultural event IGNITE was organized by CCSIT, TMU, Moradabad on “3 May 2019”. The


Students of B.Tech CSE third year organized a farewell party SAFARNAMA on 1st May 2019.The
Workshop on “Cognitive Skills, Design and Critical thinking”

Workshop on “Cognitive Skills, Design and Critical

One day workshop programmed on “Cognitive Skills, Design and Critical Thinking” on 30 April

CCSIT Declare the Best Project of Session 2018-19 Odd Semester. Three teams has been identified in three categories ie, Business Value, Process Effectiveness, and Best Team Coordination. CCSIT honor the 9 best team to award the best project on different category.In this award ceremony introduce the various project developed by the students that are very useful for the college as well as students. For example one of the project ‘Address Book CCSIT’ that is developed by MCA students, it is mainly developed to address the problem of finding important personal Sitting location with in Institution by using their mobile phones so that the students and new visitors who want to meet these personals could locate and find them easily. This project has been developed by Akshay Kumar Siddhu and Meghnachal Dixit(MCA students) under the supervision of Ms. Rohaila Naaz (Assistant prof, CCSIT). In this event some animation students project also awarded the best project.

Principal Prof.Rakesh Kumar Dwivedi says this is the best practice adopted by the CCSIT since last 3 years to motivate the CCSIT Students.Principal Sir congratulates all the members of winning team. Mr.Rajendra Prasad Pandey(Project Coordinator) tell the importance of Project in student life. The supervisor’s who awarded the best project are Ms. Rohaila Naaz,Priyank Singhal,Miss.Sonali Vishnoi and Ms.Shikha Gambhir.

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