About College of Hospital Administration

Hospitals, like any other organization, need good management for efficient and effective delivery of health care services. Hospital managers help plan, direct, coordinate and supervise the delivery of health care services. Managers must be prepared to work on many fronts in the hospital in the integration of health care delivery systems, technology innovations, complex regulatory requirements, restructuring of work, and focus on preventive care.

The Hospital Management program combines an understanding of areas as diverse as management, economics, law, human resource development, and information technology. An essential part of the course is to understand how the hospitals and health care facilities work, aspects of nutrition, prevention of communicable diseases, community health and other medical services.

The Hospital Management program is designed to develop core competencies and implement best practices. Students get a unique opportunity to interact with faculty members, doctors and students of medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing and management colleges. Attachment of students to the 900 beds multi super-speciality hospital at the University helps them learn complexities of managing a hospital and also provides hands-on experience of different aspects of hospital operations.

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