In the fast changing globalized world, the need to communicate between individuals and societies has never been more urgent as it is today. Dissolved national boundaries with modern communications networks and high speed transport systems, coupled with multiple platforms for dissemination and consumption of information, present a new challenge to the students of both familiar and foreign cultures.

Journalism has played a unique role in the creation of a more open and just society the world over. At the College of Journalism and Mass Communication, established in 2011, students enrolled in the Bachelors and Masters programs have a ringside view of the world events. Experienced journalists and faculty members lecture, discuss, and debate issues of the day with the students. Modern tools and techniques in print and television journalism are available for the students to learn and present their theories and ideas.

Graduates from the College of Journalism and Mass Communication are trained to pursue career paths in journalism and media industry in print, digital and electronic media, advertising, public relations, event management, and acquire skills in television news, video editing and camera work and other related areas.

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