About College of Language Studies

College of Language Studies, established in 2012, provides opportunities to learn foreign languages and culture. The College, besides study and research in the languages, promotes programs and studies on the culture of India, Asia and Europe, presenting an overview of history, geography and cultural traditions.

At the College for Language Studies, the language community on campus shares ideas, helps bridge cultures, and furthers the study of languages. College for Language Studies facilitates cooperation among faculty members with teaching and research interests in second languages. Our mission is to strengthen language studies at the university through research, adoption and development of modern teaching techniques, courses, programs, and learning resources, and creating new curricular configurations.

The College supports the application of technology in language learning, promotes professional development of language faculty and students. The College for Language Studies is the academic home for German, Japanese, Chinese, French and other languages at the university.
The College offers full time, part-time, weekend, or short duration summer programs in languages and culture in addition to English language learning programs.

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