Admission Process

Through this brochure, the University invites applications from eligible candidates for admission to different professional programs offered by the university. Admission to these programs will be made on the basis of merit determined as per the procedure laid down in the brochure.

Admission Office

Teerthanker Mahaveer University has a full-fledged admission office to assist, guide and counsel the aspirants about the process of admission to different programs. Any person seeking information about programs to study at the university may contact the concerned officer in-person or on the given phone numbers. Round-the-clock services are available at the mentioned mobile numbers and queries may also be emailed to admission@tmu.ac.in, dir.admissions@tmu.ac.in
The Admission Coordinator can be contacted at 9837163111, 9012955555, 9012944444,

Candidates can also obtain information related to the programs offered by the university from the following information offices of the university

Office Address Contact Person Contact No.
Delhi 1004-1005-1006, 10th Floor, Mercantile House, 15 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi – 110001 Shri Bhawan Negi +91 – 9639155333
Lucknow C-36, L -Road, Near Shyam Satsang Bhawan, Mahanagar, Lucknow Shri. Mohd. Imtiaz, Admission Coordinator +91 – 9568217000

Above offices are authorized to take admissions in all courses except medical, dental & education.

Admission for Foreign Nationals

Foreign students may contact
Director-International Affairs on +91-9837933666
E-mail: director.int@tmu.ac.in
For any guidance and help one can also log on to the university website www.tmu.ac.in for further details.

Application Form

A Candidate seeking admission in an academic program conducted by the university is required to fill up the application form provided in the Admission Brochure. The Admission Brochure, along with the application form, is available on all days of the week (Monday to Sunday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm) and can be obtained through:

1. Cash payment: The Admission Brochure consisting of an application form can be obtained from the Admission Cell of the University
on payment of Rs. 1000/- in cash.

2. Speed post/courier: The Admission Brochure, along with the application form, can also be obtained through speed post/courier. A request in this regard should be sent to the Director – Admissions , Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Delhi Road, Moradabad (U.P.) – 244 001, along with a demand draft/pay order of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) drawn in favor of the ‘Teerthanker Mahaveer University’, payable at Moradabad. The name, address and phone number of the applicant should be clearly mentioned on the backside of the demand draft/pay order.

3. Downloading from University Website: The application form can be downloaded from the University Website (www.tmu.ac.in) and the duly filled-up form can be forwarded to Director – Admissions, Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Delhi Road, Moradabad. (U.P.) – 244 001 along with a demand draft of Rs. 1000/- favouring ‘Teerthanker Mahaveer University’, payable at Moradabad.

Submission of Application Form

Filled-up application form, in all respect, should reach the Director-Admissions & Finance, Teerthanker Mahaveer University, N.H.-24, Delhi Road, Moradabad (U.P.)-244001

Admission Rules & Regulations

  • Go through all the instructions given in the admission brochure carefully
  • If you have appeared in a qualifying examination and the result, thereof, is awaited, you can take provisional admission.
  • Attach certified copies of your mark sheets/testimonials with the application form. At this stage, do not send any original copies of mark sheets/testimonials.
  • Paste your latest photograph in the space provided for in the application form.
  • Before submitting/mailing the duly filled-up application form, go through all the points contained in the form.
  • The merit list declared by the University shall be final and binding.
  • If any document/declaration submitted by the candidate is found to be false/forged at any stage, his or her admission shall be cancelled and he/she may be liable for prosecution under law.
  • The selection to the program will be provisional until the candidate furnishes all the required documents and testimonials, including the final results of the qualifying examination at the time of admission.
  • Involvement of any candidate in any form of criminal activities debars the candidate from seeking admission in any program of the university. Concealment of information on this account will tantamount to cancellation of admission if detected subsequently.
  • If the University is not satisfied with the character, past behaviour or antecedents of a candidate, it can refuse to admit him/her to any course of study in the University.
  • It is advisable that students seeking admission in the University should visit it along with their parents/guardians to see the infrastructural facilities such as classrooms, laboratories, library, hostel, transportation, etc. This may facilitate their decision at the time of counseling/admission.
  • At the time of admission, the students are required to submit the Non-Judicial affidavit being signed by him/her along with their parents/guardians with regard to disciplinary behaviour during the entire period of the program.If any deviation is found, he/she is to be subjected to the punishment/suspension/rustication as per the University rules and regulations.
  • In case of any legal dispute, the jurisdiction will be limited to Moradabad courts only.

Disciplinary Rules & Regulations for Students

  • Students are expected to maintain decorum in their behavior and habits, at all times, befitting the prestige of theCollege and the University. Students are also expected to dress-up decently in all public places.
  • Students are advised to attend all classes and to ensure that they maintain the attendance criteria as laid down in the university ordinance governing the same. A minimum of 75% attendance in lectures, presentations and practical classes individually in each course/subject is mandatory for appearing in end term examination. In case of deviation, university is empowered to detain the student from appearing from end semester/year examinations. For details, students are advised to read the university ordinance carefully which is available at www.tmu.ac.in for details.
  • Participation of students in academic activities such as seminar/workshop, industrial visits is compulsory. Non participation without prior permission, may adversely affect the students’ internal assessment performance.
  • If a student absents himself/herself from the classes for seven consecutive working days without prior permission his/her name may be struck off from the rolls.
  • During the teaching hours students are not allowed to leave the college campus without written permission from the class coordinator.
  • Students are prohibited from engaging in acts of intimidation, violence or abuse against any of the students, employees, staff and faculty members of the university. Students are expected to show sincere, decent and cordial attitude towards their classmates, students of other programs, staff, faculty and other employees of the university.
  • Students’ loitering in the campus is prohibited.
  • Ragging is an inhuman act and is banned both inside and outside the campus of the University. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has taken serious cognizance of the offence of ragging and has issued strict directives for steps to ensure its elimination. Students shall not directly or indirectly indulge in, aid or abet any activity that might be construed as ragging. Violators will face necessary disciplinary and legal action. This includes lodging of a criminal case, against the student at the Police Station as per the directive of the Honorable Supreme Court of India as well as expulsion from the University. (For details, refer to Anti-ragging policy of the university available at university website www.tmu.ac.in
  • Use of cell phone is strictly prohibited in the university teaching areas. It will be confiscated, if found using inprohibited area.
  • Smoking, chewing pan, pan-masala, gutka, gambling, consumption of alcoholic drinks and use of hallucinogenic drugs and other illegal substances, or the possession of such substances, anywhere in the University campus, is strictly forbidden.
  • Carrying any explosive/fire arm, and/or weapon inside the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  • Students are advised not to indulge in any prohibited, illegal and unethical, immoral activities inside and/or outside the College/University campus, or else, they will be liable for punishment as per University rules.
  • Students are advised not to indulge in any prohibited, illegal and unethical, immoral activities inside and/or outside the College/University campus, or else, they will be liable for punishment as per University rules.
  • Safety of all personal valuables/belongings will be the responsibility of the student.
  • If the student is found involved in activities resulting in direct or indirect loss/damage to the College/ University, the same shall be borne by the student. He/ She will be asked to compensate the university for the same.
  • Adherence to dress code is compulsory for academic and allied activities in the campus.
  • Each student will be issued an Identity card which is non-transferrable. Student is expected to keep the ID card on his/her person while in the university campus and especially when appearing in tests and examinations, etc. and also when going out of the campus.
  • College/University would not be liable for any compensation/claim whatsoever under any circumstances, in case of any casualty/injury or otherwise to any student during his/her academic course inside or outside the College/ University campus.
  • In case of any dispute on any matter, the decision of the university would be final and binding. Competent authority of the university possesses the right to modify the aforesaid rules and/or insert/ delete from time to time in future and the same shall be binding upon the students.

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