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Paramedics form an essential part of pre-hospital emergency services, providing primary medical and trauma care. Paramedics need to work in rotational shifts and must have the presence of mind to take right decisions during an emergency. Major areas of work in the field of paramedical sciences are spinal injury management, fracture management, obstetrics, management of burns and assessment, and evaluation of general incident scene. A person working in the field of Para – Medicine must be well acquainted with medical equipmentmaintenance procedures, radio operating procedures as well as emergency vehicle operation. Read More

Principal’s Message

College of Paramedical Sciences was started in TMU with the foresight and vision to produce professional technologist,in order to improve standards of health care services through quality education. We offer programs like BMLT, BRIT, B.OPTOM, BPT & BFS along with diploma and Master course in related discipline.
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