24th April was celebrated as ‘National Oral Medicine and Radiology Day’ at TMDCRC to commemorate the official recognition of the Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology (IAOMR) by tour association, following its registration with the Registrar of societies and Government of Karnataka on 24th April 1985.

Banners were displayed in the Department to spread awareness on the subject of Oral Medicine and Radiology and its importance.

TMDCRC arranges programs for such days with active participation from the students. TMDCRC is enlisted as one of the topmost private colleges for BDS & MDS.

On this day Dr. Aditya Sharma, Joint Registrar – Governance, TMU and Dr. Manish Goyal, Principal, TMDCRC were invited to the Department as guests. A speech regarding the importance of celebrating and recognizing this day was delivered by Dr. M K Sunil, Professor, and Head of Department Oral Medicine and Radiology.


  1. Promoting the specialty of Oral Medicine and Radiology as an integral part of dentistry.
  2. Acquainting one and all gathered with the strengths of the department.
  3. Highlighting the importance of this subject in diagnosis and treatment planning of oral lesions for medically compromised patients.


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