World AIDS Day was celebrated on December 1-2017 by the Department of Public Health Dentistry, TMDC&RC and the theme for this year is Right to health. It is an opportunity for every community to unite in the fight against HIV, show support for people living with HIV and remember those who have died.TMDCRC firmly believes that the future generation has the ability to sensitize others and prevent spread of HIV.

The Programme started at 10.00 AM by welcome speech by Dr.Mohan Gundappa (Principal & Head) and highlighted the importance of caution for prevention of this dreaded desease.

Interactive session was followed by a nukkad natak (Street Play) held at Moradabad Bus stand then again it was performed near Dental college OPD Street play Performd on prevention and misconceptions about HIV infection.”, Dr.Pradeep Tangade ,Prof & Head , Dr.Anamika Gupta, Dr.Ankita Gupta, Dr.Vikas Singh from Department of Public Health Dentistry were also present in the street play students and interns of TMDCRC presented a very powerful and informative performance using play cards, poster to spread the message of cautious and responsible behaviour as well as the need for care and support for the infected.. They also have explained the meaning of ‘AIDS’, various causes, Ways of transmission of ‘AIDS’ & various ways through which AIDS does not spread.

After the completion of street play, A volunteer addressed the crowd regarding various causes of ‘AIDS’ i.e. unprotected sex, HIV/AIDS infected mother to her unborn child, use of infected needles & syringes & transfusion of infected blood. They have also spread awareness on various ways due to which AIDS does not spread such as social contact like shaking hands or hugging, cough or sneezing, sharing utensils & through mosquito bites.
The program was well attended by Principal, Heads of Various Departments, Faculty members, Interns, Post graduate and under graduate Students.

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