World No Tabacco Day

World no Tobacco day was celebrated on June 01, 2015. (OMDR Departments)

  • Tobacco habit cessation counseling was done by post graduate students & Staff members.
  • Audio & Video were played in the seminar room for general public for Cancer Prevention.

World no Tobacco day was celebrated on 1st June 2015. (Public Health Dentistry)

  • Tobacco hazard posters were stuck all around the campus, Information regarding oral examination, cancer screening and Tobacco cessation counseling was also provided in the posters from the department.
  • Different forms of Tobacco products were displayed posters on ill effective of tobacco was displayed at the OPD. Post Graduates, Interns and Staff from the Department were present at the OPD to examine and Guide the Patients.

World no Tobacco day was celebrated on June 01, 2015. (Oral Pathology)

  • May 31st is celebrated as World No Tobacco Day. The same was celebrated with great zeal and vigor in Teerthanker Mahaveer Dental College and Research Centre, as a three day fete of Anti-Tobacco Drive from 1st-3rd of June.
  • Department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology actively participated in the same. The patients attending the OPD were counseled against the ill effects of tobacco by the interns, post graduate students and the staff of the department.
  • Various aids were used for counseling and patient education ranging from audio visual aids, posters, various tobacco products were also put to display for patient education and to motivate them for the cessation of their ill habit, clinical staining of the lesions using Toluidine Blue (Supra Vital Stain, used for clinical diagnosis of dysplastic lesions) etc.
  • Patients demonstrating changes associated with tobacco (Potentially Malignant Disorder) were subjected to further investigation with Supra Vital Stain using Toluidine Blue.
  • Patients with positive results of Supra Vital Staining were counseled and provided with therapy depending on their condition.
  • The drive was very successful and patients were highly motivated. The program was also reported in the newspaper and received appreciation.

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