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E-Cell: Teerthnaker Mahaveer University

Entrepreneurship Cell

An entrepreneurship Cell or E- Cell is a group of students who get together to practice and promote entrepreneurship in their campus communities. They are committed and driven to thinking and acting entrepreneurially and to explore entrepreneurship as a career option and a way of life.

What does an E- Cell do?

The big idea behind an E- Cell is to foster an environment that enables students to:

  • Think creatively.
  • Learn about innovation and new ideas.
  • Build knowledge and skills to translate ideas into opportunities.
  • Apply these skills and training in the programs organized by the E- Cell in the workplace.
  • Be motivated to start their own companies after graduation or after a few years of gaining industry experience.

Primarily the E- Cell has three distinct functions: Organization, Network & Experiential learning programs and activities

The Benefits

  • Become a leader- manage a student organization, illustrate abilities in planning, logistics, marketing, and advertising, create visibility for future employers.
  • Build a network- make contacts with entrepreneurs, professionals and academics who can help with recommendations, network and start a venture with peers.
  • Initiate innovative activities- invite business leaders to campus, plan new and exciting events for students to kick-start learning about new industries and different aspects of business planning.

Programs & Activities

Experiential learning activities including lectures/talks, workshops, games, events and competitions play a very important role to make entrepreneurship education relevant and holistic. These help students to:

  • Increase their awareness of and interest in entrepreneurship.
  • Develop basic knowledge and skills for entrepreneurial success while they are on campus.
  • Be inspired to consider entrepreneurship as a possible career option.
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