Faculty Publication Details

S.No. Faculty(s) Title of the paper Journal Details Vol. & No. Year of Publication Page No. ISSN No. Publisher
1 Dr. Rashmi Mehrotra Leadership: Theories and Concern for Quality of Education International Refereed Multidisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research Vol- 04 Issue- II April, 2016 118 -121 Online- 2320-3145 Print- 23195789 www.irmjcr.scholarsworld.net
2 Dr. Rashmi Mehrotra Excellence in Higher Education: Link with college principal’ leadership styles Indian Journal of Applied Research Vol- 6 Issue-5 May, 2016 715-717 2249-555X www.ijoar.com
3 Ms. Indu Tripathi English Teaching in Professional Course: A Challenge in India MIT International Journal of English Language and Literature Vol: 01, No:01 PP 69-74 Jan-14 69-74 ISSN 2347-9779 MIT Publication
4 Ms. Indu Tripathi Significance of communication labs in English Language Teaching International Journal of English and Education (IJEE) Vol: 03, No:03 PP 97-101 Jul-14 97-101 ISSN 2278-4012 International Journal of English and Education (IJEE) ijee.org
5 Ms. Indu Tripathi Corporate Skills in Multinational Setup Glimpses Vol:02, No:02 PP 192 Jun-13 197-199 ISSN 2250-0561 Dr Ram Sharma, Meerut
6 Ms. Iffat khan Inclusive education is the way towards realization of right to education International Multidisciplinary e-Journal Vol -II, Issue-04, July, August, April 2013 PP-136-143 ISSN 2277-4262 www.shreeprakashan.com
7 Sanjay Singh Relationship between mathematical interest and achievement in mathematics of self finance school students International Multidisciplinary e-Journal Vol -II, Issue-04, Apr-13 PP-145-151 ISSN 2277 – 4262 www.shreePrakshan.com
8 Dr. Devna Seth Necessity of new approaches and communication technology in providing education for all levels Educationia confab Vol-II, Issue No- 03 April,2013 196-200 ISSN-2320-009X Gurkirat Kaur Chitkara University India (confabjournals.com)
9 Dr. Devna Seth Tkuin eqjknkckn esa egkfo|ky; Lrj ds fo|kfFkZ;ksa ,ao v/;kidksa esa ekuo vf/kdkj ds izfr tkx:drk dk ,d rqyukRed v/;;uA Journal of Humanities & Applied Sciences Vol-III, Issue No- 03 Oct, 2013 124-132 ISSN No. 22489673 Jyotish Vilas 12/708 Indira Nagar Lucknow
10 Sanjay Singh A Study of Emotional Intelligence of TET Qualified Teacher In Relation To Their Professional Development” International Multidisciplinary e-Journal Vol -I, Issue-XII, Dec-12 PP-10-17 ISSN 2277 – 4262 www.shreePrakshan.com
11 Dr. Rashmi Mehrotra Role of Higher Education and Research to Education for all (EEA) Education for all Year 1 Issue no 1 Jan-Dec-2012 PP. 299-306 ISSN :2319-2437 APH Publishing Corporation, New Delhi
12 Dr. Rashmi Mehrotra Reasons for rising School Dropout rates of Rural girls in India “An Analysis” Edu care Vol.1 Issue No. 1 Jan-Dec 2012 PP. 218-223 ISSN 23195282 APH Publishing Corporation, New Delhi
13 Dr. Rashmi Mehrotra Role of Information Technology in advancement of Education Mulya avmulyan Year 1 Issue no 3 oct,2011 PP. 31 & 36 ISSN 2231-5772 Mulya Avmulya 84, Sayed Wara, Town & Post- Kheri Town, Distt Lakhimpur Kheri
14 Dr. Devna Seth izkFkfedrk D;k gS&Ik;kZoj.k lqj{kk ;k vkfFkZd fodkl ubZ f’k{kk Year 60 Issue no 10-11 Jun,2011 PP-21-22 Nai Shiksha 12, Ugam Path, Banipark, Jaipur Rajasthan
15 Dr. Devna Seth ewY;ksa dk gkl & lgh f’k{kk ,d mipkj ewY;& voewY;u Year 1 Issue no 1 1-Oct-11 PP-15-16 ISSN-2231-5772 Mulya Avmulya 84, Sayed Wara, Town & Post- Kheri Town, Distt Lakhimpur Kheri
16 Dr. Devna Seth A study of self – concept of primary level teachers of Bareilly district in relation to their sex, organization and locale Journal of Education and pedagogy Vol-III, Issue No- 02 02, Dec-2011 PP-59-65 ISSN-0975-0797 National Educationist Council
17 Dr. Anil Kumar Dixit Magnitude of teacher’s engagement in versal and non- verbal task in relation to their sex and experience Rameesh Journal of Education, Ghaziabad ISSN: 0974-8210, Vol-06 Issue No-01 Jun-11 PP-1-5 ISSN 09742579 RIE Publication Gazhiabad
20 Ms. Indu Tripathi Organization Climate in Secondary Schools Rumination Vol:02, No:01 Jun-11 219-223 ISSN 2229-6751 Dr Ram Sharma, Meerut

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