Save the Girl Child

“Pyaase ke bol, Panni hai anmol”

In India, Beti Bachao activities include large rallies, poster campaigns, wall paintings, billboards,
and television commercials and short animations and video films. The reduction in the female
population of certain Indian states continues to worsen, as results of the 2011 national census have
shown. It has been observed that the trend is most pronounced in relatively prosperous regions of
In same concern, Paryavaran Club of Civil Engineering Department in the College of Engineering
organized a skit “Pyaase ke bol, Panni hai anmol” on 15th September, 2013 to bring awareness
among the students for saving girl child and water. This skit was basically based on dowry system
which is regarded one of the reasons for this. The dowry system in India is often blamed; the
expectation that a large amount of dowry must be provided for daughters in marriage is frequently
cited as a major cause for the problem. Contrary, in one village of India due to scarcity of girls &
water, daughters are getting married on the condition of water availability in the village of the
groom. This theme was revealed through this skit.

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