Under clean India movement; a cleanliness drive was organized on 12th September with the purpose of making ambiance clean. Realizing the fact that making the society clean is not the responsibility of government and its official but of each and everyone who holds the right of its part, the students and faculty members of Faculty of Engineering took initiative in this direction. The drive was started with motivational words of Prof. Ajay Ruhela, Director Faculty of engineering. Prof.Ruhela inspired the students by saying that “the dream of PM Modi is not only of his dream but should be of everyone and to materialize this we should put utmost efforts. When all will perform their responsibilities religiously only then we can imagine India as a land surrounded by cleanliness”. The students, having inspired by his words, started the drive by taking broom and swept the premises with full zeal. Students were divided into two teams. The former shouldered the responsibility of cleaning the premises by removing the dust and the latter collected all the dry leaves, wrappers of eatable lying in premises. Vasatavikta, student B.Sc Maths II year stated, “ quite often we listen to people admiring western countries on the ground of cleanliness but have they ever realized why is it so? It is only because of the populace of those countries since they have the same gesture of cleanliness for the country which they possess for their own houses. Consequently, their countries receive the credential of cleanliness. Pooja Yadav, another student, showed agreement by saying, “Foreigners commute to India to see historic monuments. Where on one hand they admire our culture, our heritage, the sense of unity in diversity but on the other, they squeeze their nose, make their faces, give filthy expression to witness the unclean India. This is so embarrassing for us. Instead of waiting for someone to take initiative, we should take pain in making our India clean. The drive was ended with an appeal to perform responsibility towards Mother India.

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