We hail from the country which witnesses the best form of democracy. It is the place where people enjoy the liberty in all sense. Since the country is providing us so much, we should also perform our duty towards it. We often talk about our rights but we forget our duties. To raise the sense of responsibility towards Mother India, Mass pledge to have cleanliness in society was taken on 10th September 2016 by students of Faculty of Engineering, TMU. The students of Faculty of Engineering along with their faculty members are well aware of the fact that to have the society and the country is the responsibility which should be shouldered by each and everyone. To have this aim fulfilled, time and again cleanliness drive, guest lectures and workshops on the issues related to cleanliness have been organized at Faculty of Engineering. Today i.e. on 10th September students took the pledge that neither they nor their acquainted will do anything that hampers the mission of Clean India. They not only at their homes but also at public place will give introduction of their sense of cleanliness.

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