A workshoponAutoCAD was organized by “Faculty of Engineering” for Mechanical Engineering student in collaboration with CADD Centre on October 13, 2016.The experts of the workshop Mr. Puneet Chauhan and Mr. Aman Agarwal were from CADD Centre Moradabad.The program was inaugurated by Prof. Ajay Ruhela, Director, FOE..

Prof.Ruhela gave a formal start to the program andtaught students about the necessity of this workshop for their all-round development. He also remarked that such workshops give practical exposure to the students considering the current design requirement of industry.

The experts gave training to the students on drafting and modeling techniques of mechanical components, parts and assemblies with the help of AutoCAD software. The student also learned how different views of any complex model can be made in a very short time by using AutoCAD. About 55 students took part in the workshop.

The program was coordinated by the T-MECS club constituted by the faculty and students of FOE. Mr. Arun Gupta and Mr. Amarjeet Kumar were the main organizers of the program.

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