Versatile “Rajasthani Folk” performers presented a melodious rendition in the University Auditorium to acquaint the youth with traditional music and folk songs of Rajasthan. The artists performed along with lead singer Kheta Khan – a renowned artist of the region. A series of cultural events is being organized by the Centre for Performing Arts of the University functioning under the aegis of SPICMACAY, to protect and promote Rajasthani culture in its original and real form.

The students have been invited from different Intermediate colleges located in the vicinity of the University to attend the program, from October 05-08, 2015 at 10.30 to University Auditorium. The cultural program presented by Kheta Khan Group on October 05, 2015 was inaugurated by Prof. K. K. Pande & Dr. M. P. Singh. About 150 students of D.S.M. Inter College, Ratanpur, Moradabad were also present as spectators alongwith the students of the varsity. The artists were playing traditional instruments like Kamaicha, Khartal, Dholak, Morchang and Murli Algoja. The popular songs presented began with aalap, which sets the tune followed by a recital of couplet by Kheta khan and group like “Rang Rangila Ras Bhariyo Kesaria Balamwa…” and Bhajan of Meera Bai. The students invited from D.S.M. Inter college Ratanpur, Moradabad and other dignitaries present in the auditorium, enjoyed the spectacular performance and gave rounds of applause.

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