Heartiest welcome to fellow Radiologists and clinicians!

Department of Radio-diagnosis and Imaging, TMMC & RC is organising a CME for Radiologists & Clinicians who have a keen interest in Musculoskeletal Imaging. As the advancement in technical practices is evolving rapidly there is tremendous need to be continuously aware of the same for professional growth.

Since the theme of this year’s international day of Radiology on 8th November is Sports imaging, highly informative and detailed lectures along with live demonstration of the ultrasound imaging will be conducted by renowned faculty and experts of Musculoskeletal Radiology.

MSK – RAD will highlight various aspects of musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging and review the basics with live demonstration and hands on workshop.

Organising Committee:

Dr. Shruti Chandak
Head of Department, Radio Diagnosis
(Organising Chairperson)

Dr. Ankur Malhotra
Associate Professor, Radio Diagnosis
(Organising Secretary)
  • Dr. V. P . Singh (Professor)
  • Dr. Sunil Kumar (Professor)
  • Dr. Rajul Rastogi (Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Arjit Agarwal (Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Yuktika Gupta (Assistant Professor)

Senior Residents: :

  • Dr. Pratiyush Rathore
  • Dr. Mohini Chaudhary
  • Dr. Ratish Raman
  • Dr. Manish Raj Singh

Junior Residents

Dr. Adil Khan Dr. Vishakha MittalDr. Sarika GoelDr. Vivek Bhandari
Dr. Ashwani Jain Dr. Abhishek Kumar SinghDr. Deepak SinglaDr. Neha Jain
Dr. Vaibhav KhareDr. Atul Pratap SinghDr. Sumit Kaushik Dr. Nitya Verma
Dr. Ayushi ChhabraDr. Sheetal DhandaDr. Anshul JainDr. Gaurav Patnayak
Dr. Mudit Jain Dr. Soham Kapoor Dr. TanuDr. Kirti
Dr. Akul Mohan Dr. Kush DugadDr. Mrigank AmberDr. Yogender Garg


Dr. Rajendra Kumar Srivastava
Professor, Radio- Diagnosis
Topics for discussion: Basic Introduction to Musculoskeletal USG ; Basic Finances for doctors ; Clinical Applications of MSK USG – Part 1 (Upper Limb), Clinical Applications of MSK USG – Part 2 (Lower Limb), Live demonstration of Normal Anatomy with Hands on workshop.
Dr. Najmul Huda
Professor & Head, Orthopedics,TMMC& RC
Topics for discussion:Musculoskeletal USG – Clinician’s perspective
Dr. Shruti Chandak
Professor & Head, Radio- Diagnosis,TMMC&RC
Topics for discussion: MRI in MSK Imaging
Dr Ankur Malhotra
Associate Professor,Radio-Diagnosis ,TMMC&RC
Topics for discussion: Live demonstration of Normal Anatomy with Hands-on workshop.
Dr. Arjit Agarwal
Associate Professor, Radio-Diagnosis ,TMMC&RC
Topics for discussion: Live demonstration of Normal Anatomy with Hands-on workshop.


The CME will be graced by honourable Vice Chancellor, TMU, Prof. R. K. Mudgal

Contact us :

Dr. Ankur Malhotra : +918394097126
Queries at :
Dr. Vivek Bhandari : +917020536608
Queries at :
Venue of CME : TMU Auditorium,TMU Campus, Moradabad.
Venue of Banquet : Hotel MB Greens Clark’s Inn, Moradabad.

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