TMMC&RC organized a poster making competition for the MBBS students on 20TH November 2019, observing the National Integration week or the Quami Ekta Saptah.

Quami Ekta Saptah is commemorated in India to weave the spirit of resilience, tolerance, communal harmony, and brotherhood in this multi-religious, and culturally diverse fabric of our country.

Respecting and appreciating that diversity of our country the theme for the poster making competition was based on ‘National Integration and Communal Harmony’ which was disclosed to the students at the time of the competition. The designated venue for the competition was at the Dept. of Pharmacology at TMMC&RC College.

130 and more MBBS student enthusiasts participated in this competition in a group of three students each. TMMC&RC regularly conducts such activities in the college, giving a breather to the ever busy schedule of the medical students. The management too tries hard to integrate the extra-curricular activities so as to have an overall development of the students. Due to such efforts taken up by TMMMC& RC part it is listed as one of the best MBBS College in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR region.

The competition was judged by the jury inclusive of Dr SK Jain Vice-Principal, Dr Najmul Huda Additional Dean Academics, Dr S Dutta, Prof. Head of the Dept. of Pathology.

The students painted their ideas of communal harmony through these posters making it difficult for the juror’s to judge. The posters held meaningful and impactful messages promoting National Unity and integration to the society. In a short span of two hours the students made wonders on the sheets yet as every show must come to an end similarly amongst all the beautiful posters Mridul Goyal, Mudita Yadav, & Munis Javed secured the first position for this competition with their painted ideology on the piece of paper.

At the end of the programme a pledge for National Integration was taken up by the students and teachers igniting the spirit of being tolerant and respectful towards one and all communities.


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