The orientation program for the MBBS undergraduates admitted in 2018 was held in TMMCRC from 3rd October to 6th October, 2018.

The orientation program was conducted by the Medical Education Unit of TMMCRC which included a wide array of topics for the overall growth and development of students.

The team of Speakers included – Prof. R.K. Mudgal (H’ble VC, TMU), Prof. (Lt. Gen.) B.K. Chopra (Ret’d), Prof. Ajay Pant (Medical Supd’t&Vice Principal), Prof. S.K. Jain (Vice Principal), Prof. N Huda (Addl Dean Adacemics), Shri Vipin Jain (Director – Planning & Development – TMH), Prof. V.K. Singh (Deputy MS & HOD – Medicine), Prof. Prithpal S Matreja (Coordinator –MEU & HOD – Pharmacology), Prof S Dutta (HOD –Pathology), Prof SeemaAwasthi (Prof – Pathology), Prof Shruti Chandak (Prof-Radiodiagnosis), Prof Sudhir Gupta (HOD-Community Medicine), Dr. Ashutosh Kumar (Assoc. Prof – Pathology), Dr. Faiyaz Ahmed (Assoc. Prof – Pathology), Dr. Nidhi Sharma (Assoc. Prof – Aantomy), Dr. Rohin Garg(Assoc. Prof – Aantomy), Dr. Prerana Gupta (Assoc. Prof – Psychiatry), Dr. Anish Prabhakar(Asstt. Prof – Community Medicine). Apart from these speaker we had two speakers from CCSIT – Dr. Namit Gupta and Dr. Sandeep Verma.

The areas covered included not only domains of medical sciences but other areas for their development.

    Domains of medical sciences includes–

  1. Need for the program
  2. Holistic healing
  3. Medical profession
  4. Your journey through 4.5 years, Doctors & beyond
  5. Doctors & beyond
  6. ATCOM module
  7. Basic medical research
  8. Health Care system & policies
  9. IMG
  10. Doctor-patient relationship
  11. Teaching & learning Methodology
    Whereas other areas covered were –

  1. Exploring the library for studies
  2. Introductory computer skills
  3. About TMU
  4. Motivational enhancement techniques
  5. Learning & Communication Skills
  6. Ethics & its practice in life
  7. Expected behaviour
  8. English language
  9. Key to success
  10. Co-curricular activities
  11. Protecting yourself and Campus life

There was also a small session on Myths & Facts regarding MBBS by Final year Student (Mr. Mritunjay Gupta). The aim for these sessions was that the first year students do not feel lost in the Medical College and the expectation.

The program aimed to keep the student motivated and also laid emphasis on their overall development for a responsibly individual for himself as well as family, relatives and society at large. The participation of students was quite energetic and they gave their inputs that they wanted more interactions with their seniors as well as regular sessions at monthly interval so that their motivation does not wane off.

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