‘Poshan Maah,’ a community development and awareness programme was conducted by Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College & Research Centre (TMMC&RC), TMU Campus Moradabad. According to the instructions stated by the university grants commission this programme was slated as a small step to make the community a better and healthy place for both the mother and child.

Poshan Maah is centred along with the concept of educating pregnant woman i.e would-be-moms and lactating mothers as such to get all the Poshan (Nutrients) necessary for the good growth of the fetus and the mother.

Department of Community Medicine stepping up for the challenge headlined the initiative in accordance with other TMMC&RC department students.

A series of programmes to ensure this awareness campaign was aligned including the 5 critical components of ‘Rashtriya Poshan Maah.’ The components stressed over were about the first 1000 days of a child; Anaemia; Diarrhoea; Hand wash & sanitation and lastly, Poshtik Aahar (Balanced Nutritive food).

Revolving around these specially focussed topics, multiple activities were conducted to highlight the 5 critical points while explaining the importance of good nutrition, balanced diet and proper sanitation while cooking and eating the food.

Banners were put up all over the campus premises and TMU hospital with appropriate do’s and don’ts for the pregnant mothers and babies. Lectures were conducted on the topics of Poshan Abhiyan for medical students. A lot of MBBS students participated in it and delivered speeches, encouraging the drive and explaining how mother’s heath is consequently important for the child and its growth too. TMU mess employees were also educated about the WHO 7 steps while reminding them of the need for kitchen’s hygiene. The food industry needs to have proper sanitation and for it to happen the working staff needs to be made aware of its impact and consequences.

At the community level, IEC activity was organised at aanganwadi by the Department of Community Medicine, TMMC&RC. Pregnant ladies and lactating mothers were educated and informed regarding the nutrition intake, effects of breastfeeding on kid’s development & nourishment, along with the measures to be taken during breastfeeding period especially if the mother is in illness such as diarrhoea etc to prevent anaemia.

The campaign was successfully conducted with the participation of many pregnant ladies and lactating mothers.

TMMC&RC takes pride in contributing to the betterment of society and pushing its students to do the same. No wonder TMMC&RC is considered among the top 20 medical colleges in the state of Uttar Pradesh and moreover in India. This shows its rigorous efforts of shaping its MBBS students is being recognised by such listings, appraisals and participation from the community.

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