No institution is great in itself rather it’s the people working for the institution that makes it great! Dr. Vijay Pratap & Dr. Rajul Rastogi from Dept. of Radiology, TMMC&RC are two such amazing individuals who have made Teerthanker Mahaveer University proud by bagging laurels from an international conference held in Turkey on the International Radiology Day.

More than two hundred delegates from twenty-five different countries participated in this conference where Dr. Vijay Pratap & Dr. Rajul Rastogi outshined amongst them all with their caliber.

Dr. Vijay Pratap received an International Fellowship award by the Baskent University & International Medical Science Academy India. It was the first international award achieved by Dr. Vijay Pratap; On the other hand, Dr. Rajul Rastogi was appreciated for presenting 3 research papers on this occasion.

Dr. Rajul Rastogi has more than 130 national/ international research papers published under his name in various research journals. Adding to his works he has also been a part of more than 4 international conferences organized in countries like Austria and South Korea.

Dr Vijay Pratap and Dr. Rajul Rastogi unanimously believed that this achievement and appreciation is solely credited to Shri Suresh Jain Chancellor TMU and honorable Mr. Manish Jain Group Vice Chairman TMU who immensely supported the two. Dr. Vijay Pratap has more than 65 internationally published research papers credited to his name. He has worked in the field of radiology for more than 14 years and has been associated with TMU for the past 8 years. Dr. Vijay Pratap thanking the two stated that he would always try to make a difference in his field and strive to glorify not just TMU but India on the International platform.

Dr. Rajul also agreeing to Dr. Vijay’s vision stated his aim too.

Dr. Rajul explained how he wishes to figure out the responsible nerves for leprosy with the help of the ultrasound technique so as to assist in detecting it in the initial stage itself and cure the patient of this disease of predicament. The topics he presented at the conference were Exophytic Hydatid cyst of liver- an ominous sign; High-resolution US evaluation of nerve thickening in leprosy; Abdominal cocoon in tuberculosis- a diagnostic challenge.

Dr. Rastogi also motivated the people to keep continuing their researches and always document such researches by summarizing them with a conclusion. His tip on documenting research work was well admired and appreciated by all.

TMMC&RC appraises and congratulates their efforts on their achievement at this global platform and wishes them to bag much more success in the future.




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