On the occasion of “World Diabetes Day”, a grand rally was organized by the Medicine department of TMU, which started from the Imperial Crossing & passed through Budh Bazaar, Townhall, Kotwali, and Jain Mandir and was successfully culminated at the Collectorate Compound.

The rally was inaugurated by Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. R. K. Mudgal, Principal Medical CollegeDr. B. K. Chopra, Medical Superintendent Dr Ajay Pant, Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr V. K. Singh and Director Planning and Development Mr Vipin Jain by releasing balloons in the air. All the medical faculty and our 500 students participated in the walk for diabetes awareness.

At the collectorate, Chief Guest Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) J. RaMrdra Gaur, Chancellor Mr. Suresh Jain, Group Vice Chairman Mr. Manish Jain, ADM city Rajendra Singh Sainger, Director Student welfare Prof M. P. Singh concluded the rally & inaugurated the Diabetes and Blood Pressure screening camp. The students of MBBS & MD stepped out on the streets to distribute pamphlets & shouting slogans about the same. These pamphlets declared diabetes a lethal condition which can be compared to a slowly growing cancer and also that excessive junk food and sweets may enhance the probability of its presence.

Deputy Medical Superintendent and HOD Department of Medicine, Dr. V.K. Singh said that this disease is more prevalent after the third decade of life. He also revealed the horrifying figures of 425 million people affected worldwide. At this count, almost every 11th person is a diabetic. He also expressed his concern about the lower and middle socioeconomic strata of the society, a huge chunk of whose earnings go into the treatment alone. In India, around 10-80 million people are affected. Dr. V.K. Singh also declared the month of November will be celebrated as the ‘Diabetes Month’ from now on. He also said that this disease can be covered upto 80% with strict diet control, regular physical exercise, lifestyle modifications and regular health checkups and adherence to prescribed treatment. He explained how the rally and the subsequent camp were beneficial to the common man. He then thanked Mr. Suresh Jain, Chancellor, TMU and Mr. Manish Jain,Group Vice Chairman, TMU for their support with the event.

Chief Guest, SSP. J. Ravindra Gaur took the stage and said that with the vast numbers told by Dr.V.K. Singh, India is a leading contributor to the burden of diabetes worldwide. He also said that people are very hesitant in getting their investigations done because they might find something wrong with them. He appreciated the gesture of the medical fraternity for showing concern regarding this monster of a problem.

Chairman Mr. Suresh Jain showed his concern and urged the common man to be cautious about this disease and said that if the doctor fraternity is so concerned that they stepped out of their comfort zones to make the common people aware, perhaps its high time for the others to open their eyes and address this disease for the big problem that it is. Mr. Jain even compared the negligence in the treatment and lifestyle changes advised, to suicide. He then urged everyone to make full use of the camp and then thanked the dignitaries.

The Diabetes awareness camp was organized after the rally, whichwas graced by the presence of Dr. Vishvanayak, Dr. A. J. Dhumale, Dr. Jigar Haria, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Dr. Bhumesh Tyagi, Dr. Piyush, Dr. Saad M. Shakir. More than 250 people were screened for diabetes at the camp successfully executed by Mr. Vipin Jain.

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