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Suresh Jain

Shri Suresh Jain

It is my firm belief that harmonious development of the society can be achieved by enlightenment of the individual heart, mind and soul. This has become a pre-requisite in today’s fast changing world where material gains have outplaced basic human values. I am of the firm opinion that education being a powerful instrument of socio-economic change can transform the attitude, thinking and life style of the people and society. Knowledge gained by individuals
makes them more flexible in their thinking and decision making thereby making the mother earth a healthier place to live.

I have always dreamt of empowering the society with enlightened, skillful and socially relevant citizens, which can be possible only by educating the masses. As such, we initiated in this benign task of reconstructing the social order by providing educational establishments, thus contributing to the development of nation in our own humble way. Teerthanker Mahaveer University has taken the task of developing human capital in tune with the requirements of industry and the society by integrating the basic principles of Right Philosophy, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct in its policies and programs.

The University stands for humanism, tolerance, reason, adventure of ideas and the search of truth. We ensure that multitude of students study in a tolerant
but encouraging environment that provides adequate liberty for individual ambition and lifestyle. The multi-disciplinary approach of our curriculum, focuses on experiential learning, leveraging of ICT for better content delivery, and provisions for sports and extracurricular activities which are integral components of the learning process.

I extend my best wishes to all the aspirants and assure that under the mentor-ship of dedicated faculty of this prestigious University they shall be able to
take full advantage of opportunities offered to them.

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