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Ref. No.: TMU/R.O./09-10/Detainees/174 dated 29-05-2010

This is in reference to the university ordinance governing ‘Conduct and evaluation of examinations for programs leading to all Bachelor’s/Master’s degrees and under-graduate/postgraduate diplomas following semester system’. Further clarification regarding the operation of clause 8 of the ordinance for holding special classes and examinations for the students who have been detained due to their shortage of attendance is as under. However, this facility shall be available only once during the entire duration of the program to a student.

In case a student has been detained in both the semesters no special classes shall be held in summer and such students will have to take re-admission with the next batch of the students, by paying the fee to be calculated as per the formula below:

New Annual Tuition Fee payable = (X – Y)/ C
Where C = (A – B) +1

X =Total Tuition Fee payable by student for the entire program = F x A
Y = Fee Paid to date by student = F x B
F = Annual Tuition Fee of the program
A = Minimum duration of the program in years
B = No. of years for which fee has been deposited by the student
In case detained students belong to the even semester, special classes shall be arranged by the college within ten days from the declaration of detainees list. For students who have been detained in odd semester, their special classes shall be arranged within one week of the last exam of the even semester of that year. Students shall be required to mandatorily attend these classes and shall ensure a minimum of 30 classes in each subject, to be eligible for appearing in the special examination.
Such students shall be required to pay the prescribed fee of Rs. 5,000/- for UG programs and Rs. 10,000/- for PG programs for the remedial semester classes.
Students have to fill-in the examination form for the special semester examination, alongwith the prescribed examination fee as per the notified schedule. In case the student has already paid the examination fee for the semester, the same shall not be charged again.
The record shall be maintained alongwith the student attendance by the concerned college. The college shall ensure that required number of classes are organized and shall issue a certificate to the Controller of Examinations to this effect.
Examination Division shall issue admit card of those students who have deposited the requisite fees and attended the required number of classes.
In case where detained students are less (normally below five) and it is not feasible to hold classes, such students are required to report to the concerned college and mark their presence with designated faculty. The Director will make arrangements in such a manner that one teacher is daily available for an hour for interaction, to clear doubts and give assignments and problems to the students. However, a minimum attendance of 30 has to be ensured by such students.

Ref. No.: TMU/R.O./09-10/Ordinance/190 dated 17-06-2010

After due deliberation, it has been decided by the competent authority, to partially modify the said University Ordinance. The clause 10(iii), which is reproduced under, has been deleted from the ordinance with immediate effect.

“A candidate shall not be eligible for provisional promotion to the next Academic Year of study if he/she fails in more than five (5) theory subjects at the end of the Academic Year taking cumulative of all years”.


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