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A REPORT ON NSS DAY (24 Sept, 2015)

NSS (National Service Scheme) day is celebrated on 24th of September of every year. On this occasion NSS Unit and Department of Social Work, Teerthanker Mahaveer University have organised a rally and street play on “Heath, Personal Hygiene and Sanitation” at the village Bakainiya, Moradabad,which is adopted for NSS activities. Programme was started with the assembling of volunteers in the department of social work. In the department, Dr. Alok Kumar Mishra, Programme Co-ordinator NSS Unit of TMU has blessed the volunteers and focused on functioning of NSS. Dr. Vinod Kumar Pandey, Asstt. Professor, deptt. Of social work has explained the importance of discipline and rules of TMU. Programme officer of NSS Unit TMU Mr. Navneet Shekhar Singh guided the volunteers about programme activities and NSS code of conduct. After taking the resolution of sanitation, volunteers and MSW students moved by university bus from campus to village Bakainiya. Initially through slogans and posters in the rally, volunteers spreaded the message of personal hygiene and sanitation in the community. After a long march in the community, volunteers reached govt. Primary school where the students of MSW performed a street play on Heath, Personal Hygiene and Sanitation in front of community people. The street play was focused on harm of open defecation and water pollution. Programme officer of NSS and faculty members interacted with community people and made them aware about the importance of health and hygiene, Programme officer Mr. Navneet shekhar told that many more activities will take place in the coming future in community. Community people shown their interest in programme and found it useful. After giving thanks to them NSS team came back to university campus.

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