Welcome to TMIMT College of Management

Teerthanker Mahaveer Institute of Management and Technology (TMIMT) is the seed that has grown into a big Banyan tree in the form of Teerthanker Mahaveer University. The college, established in 2001, since beginning, has been contributing to the development of management education and society, by fostering leadership, nurturing entrepreneurial talent and stimulating research. TMIMT, in partnership with industry, academic institutions, government and social sector, promotes sustainable businesses, fulfilling collective needs of various stakeholders and the society at large. Read More

Principal’s Message

The college offers a diversified range of programmes and courses and caters to the needs of the ever increasing demand of qualified and ethically trained graduates and post graduates for assimilation in the labour market. It has established itself as a niche in this part of the country. Our curriculum is designed to respond to the professional requirements Read More

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