A guest lecture on “Building Material” by Mr. G.D. Agarwal, Principal Polytechnic College, Meerut was organized from 11 & 12 Dec, 2013.

Question asked to Students by Mr. Agarwal “Why do we need to carefully consider our choice of Building Materials”? Building construction currently consumes between 30-50% of raw materials worldwide. With significant growth taking place in the building sector, the burden being placed on limited resources is increasing – resources that one day will run out. What’s more, ongoing fit outs, extensions and / or refurbishments increase the environmental impact during a building’s life cycle. As a result, we need to make more informed choices with regard to the impact that material sourcing will have on the environment. These impacts will accumulate through:

  • harvesting of raw materials
  • A material’s high embodied energy
  • On-going maintenance requirements
  • Inability of materials to be recycled. “How will my choice of Building Materials benefit me”? By making informed choices about the materials you use in the construction and fit out of buildings, you can
  • Assess the viability of reusing what you already have
  • Save on construction, refurbishment and maintenance costs
  • Design buildings that have a longer life span, by nominating durable materials such as brickwork, stone, and post consumer steel.

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