Guest Lecture of “Industrial Ecology” By Miss. Shalini Agarwal, Lecturer Department of Economics, J.L. Degree College (Amroha) on 6th & 7th Dec, 2013

She discussed Industrial Ecology is the study of industrial systems aimed at identifying and implementing strategies that reduce their environmental impact. Industries, such as manufacturing and energy plants, extract raw materials and natural resources from the earth and transform them into products and services that meet the demands of the population. Industrial ecology was developed as a way to better understand the impact industry has on the environment. Therefore, industrial ecologists, or those who study industrial ecology, work to understand the industrial systems that are in place and find ways to use fewer natural resources and find new uses for waste materials or byproducts. Industrial ecologists approach problems with the mindset that industrial systems can become more efficient and sustainable if the problems are looked at from all directions. Therefore, it is right to think of industrial ecology as a multidisciplinary field that combines aspects of economics, engineering, sociology, technology and environmental science.

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