A National Seminar was organized on Language Pedagogy for the Underprivileged in Teerthanker Mahaveer University on November 2 & 3, 2012. The seminar was inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. R.K. Mittal and Hon’ble Registrar, Prof. R.K. Mudgal by lighting the lamp before the portrait of Maa Saraswati after that there was a gratifying dance performance on Saraswati Vandana. Panelist & experts from various reputed universities and institutes graced the seminar. Prof. Sagarmal Gupta from Rajasthan University (Institute of Research), Prof. Pashupati Jha from IIT Roorkee, Prof. Sumitra Kukreti from MJP Rohilkhand University, Prof. Rizwan Khan from Aligarh Muslim University, Prof. Baharul Islam from IIM- Kashipur all contributed their ideas, concepts, views and opinion on the topic of the seminar. Prof. Sagarmal Gupta delivered the keynote address wherein he highlighted on various relevant aspects of language learning. He added that students coming from rural areas, villages are genuinely not having the opportunity to learn English as their medium of instruction is their mother tongue. Prof. Pashupati Jha opined that these underprivileged students do need special care and a proper system of Language Learning shall have to be introduced so that these students are benefited. Prof. Sumitra Kukreti also supported this view and she did mention that we, the English language teachers, do need to take proper steps in this regard. New methodologies, new techniques and new processes are emerging and we need to introduce these for the benefit of the underprivileged as well as privileged students. Prof. Rizwan Khan said that language learning habit should be spontaneous. We can’t learn a language until and unless we love the language. Prof. Baharul Islam spoke that we, who have gathered here today, are all from non English medium and were underprivileged but today by dint of our sincere endeavor we have attended the present efficiency. The Convener, Prof. S.K. Das highlighted the fact that we Indians are instinctively bilingual. Therefore, it is imperative on our part to learn our mother tongue with all existing variation thoroughly so that the process of our learning English language becomes easier. Prof. Ramprakash Sharma from MHRD conveyed his letter of appreciation for the topic of the seminar. He mentioned that this is the most burning topic of the day. The Organizing Secretary, Mr. Kartikey delineated the troubles of the students coming from rural areas having no scope to study in English medium. But these students are not duds. They are brilliant. But what they need is to develop themselves by having proper training in English language. The most attractive session of the seminar was the question answer session during the panel discussion. The program was compeered by Ms. Varsha Vats & Ms. Neha Anand. The students showed their involvement in the seminar asking multifarious questions to the panelists. At last vote of thanks was given by Mr. Kartikey.

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