As part of 150th year birth celebrations of Swami Vivekananda, a nationwide run titled “Run for the Nation” was organized. Swami ji quoted “Strength is Life; Weakness is death” and always wanted the youngsters to be physically strong. He advocated the youth to develop physical ability in order to better understand the essence of Bhagavad Geetha. He dreamt of youth that has muscles of iron and nerves of steel, a higher purpose and meaning in life, that is well behaved, service-oriented, dedicated and stretch beyond the barriers of caste, creed, region and religion. As per his perception Swami Vivekanand Sardha Shati Aayojan Samiti, Moradabad also hosted this event and around 100 students of the college participated in this program on 11th September 2013. They started their run from Parsavanath Plaza, Delhi Road to Company Bagh, Moradabad. The students were awarded with Certificates.

Dr. Kartikey was deputed as a coordinator of the event under the sincere guidance of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and the Principal.

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