“Spardha” is one of the most significant annual functions celebrated by University Polytechnic with the demonstration of various skills, abilities & creativities of students in multi dimensional fields of knowledge & learning. Spardha 2013 was celebrated as a youth festival with a great zeal & enthusiasm. It was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chancellor, Group Vice Chairman, Vice Chancellor, Pro- Vice Chancellor, Director International Affairs & Distance Education while other dignitaries were also present on the occasion. Inaugural speech was delivered by Hon’ble Chancellor and Vice Chancellor and afterwards they released balloons, symbol of peace and victory.

Spardha began with Singing Competition which was held on 15 April where several students participated and four of them secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions judged by Mr. Sanjay Jain, Mr. Pradeep Verma and Mr. A.M. Khan. 16th April came with a dawn of Model Exhibition and the evening was wrapped up in colorful events of Cultural Program. The whole day was divided into two halves. In the first half, more than 100 working models were exhibited by the students of University Polytechnic. Some of the highly appreciated models were Air Balloon Car, Automatic Power Supply through Electronic Coding, Vertical Lifting Bridge, Rain Water Harvesting Model, Fire Fighting Robot, Wind Turbine, Gear Train, Blue Tooth Helmet, Belt Conveyor, Solar Powered House with Fire Safety Alarm & Steam Power Plant. Parallely, Rangoli Competition gave a beautiful hue to the Model Exhibition in which several students showed their interest and three of them secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions judged by Prof. Anuja Daniel and Shri Ravindra Dev.

The evening of 16th April was colored and shining in various hues in the Auditorium hall of TMU. Cultural Program was started by energetic performance of students. It was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chancellor, Group Vice Chairman, Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor and Principal University Polytechnic by making a lamp lit infront of the portrait of Maa Saraswati. The program was started by an enactment on Ganesh Vandana. Further, Prof. T P Agrawal delivered a welcome address and reiterated academic achievements of the college in all walks of life. After that, some dance performances were staged by the students on various songs. Next moment, the hall was echoing with the blessings and inspiring speech of Hon’ble Chancellor who especially emphasized commitment and resolution of the human hearts to arrive at the goal in life. Once again, students performed some items of cultural programs.

Henceforth, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor mounted up to the stage and he delivered a heart touching and motivating speech for the students & the staff as well. In his speech, he asserted that our students have multifarious talent and it is imperative to channel them in a unidimension for achieving goal in life. After a few performances by students Hon’ble Pro Vice Chancellor made an enthusiastic speech which encouraged the students to excel in their respective fields. At last the students organized Fashion Show. Three episodes from Cultural Program and two from Fashion Show were demarcated for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions by Prof. K K Jha and Shri Ravindra Dev.

The Program was anchored by Mr. Kartikey & Dr. Meenakshi Agrawal and Ms.Anshu & Mr. Shalabh Gaur

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