Academic competitions are the most important ingredients of student life, as education is the key to human success and the roots of education lie in the competition. Competitions make individuals grow and learn much effectively.

Vocabulary competition is one of the most important kinds of competition that can help students to develop language proficiency. There are several advantages of the same such as:

  1. Improves Reading Compatibility: Research states that to understand anything readers must know 98% of the words they read. Improving vocabulary skills will improve their understanding better.
  2. Boosts Language Development:  Students who develop a rich vocabulary tend to be deep thinkers, & express themselves better. Improving language and literacy skills early in life will help them be more successful academically and professionally.
  3. Communicating Ideas:  Successful communication is dependent on a good vocabulary base which ultimately makes you better & an effective communicator.
  4. Expressing Yourself in Writing:  Good vocabulary proves beneficial to help one write more effectively. In the era of texting, slang has been deeply rooted amongst the students which can only be corrected through better vocabulary.
  5. Occupational Success:  Researcher Johnson O’Connor suggests success in the business place depends on your communication skills.


In order to develop profusely good vocab, CTLD has planned to conduct a vocabulary competition (Vocabaddicts) for students of FOE & CCSITI, University Polytechnic.

Plan of Program:

Registration commences: 14 January 2020.
Registration Ends: 31 January 2020.
Publishing a final list of participants: 06 February 2020.
Screening Round: 08 February 2020.
Semi-Final & Final competition: 13 Feb 2020.


  1. At the time of registration, participants will be given a vocabulary handbook containing 500 words (Common Vocabulary / Phrases / Idioms/ Proverbs/ Homophones) for preparation.
  2. All registered participants will participate in the Screening Round.
  3. 12 selected teams will get the opportunity to participate in the Semi-Final Round.
  4. 06 teams (selected from semi-final) will participate in the final round.
  5. The program will end with the Prize Distribution Ceremony.
  6. All screening qualifiers will be given a certificate of participation/merit.

Registration Fee: INR30.00 per student

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